Just wanted to jot down my thoughts after driving the Leaf yesterday. All of the visual indicators give you enough information without feeling too overwhelming. In comparison to some of the other “tech” heavy cars I have driven (Ford Focus Hybrid) the graphics seem intentionally low tech. This isn’t a bad thing by any stretch just something I noticed.

I wasn’t a big fan of the transition between the trunk compartment and folding down the rear seats. There is a large raised bit covered by plastic that blocks some of the storage area, as I understand it this is just a reality of fitting in all of those batteries. Minor gripe but could be an issue if you are a hauler.

Driver compartment is deceptively large. There is plenty of room in the front and back seats and the comfort

level seemed high. Fit and finish seemed to be in line with the price.

I didn’t like the location of the C-Pillar it felt like it was right in the wrong spot for how I drive and created a blind spot. I am sure you just need to get used to it but it was the first thing I noticed when I began the drive. I mentioned it to the rep in the car with me and he said he has heard the same thing from other drivers.

I mentioned it in my other post but the economy mode did seem to take all of the life out of the accelerator pedal. This is clearly intentional to make your driving habits more in line with conserving energy. I would give it a go driving in economy mode as much as possible just to try and save as much battery as possible.

The event in general was top notch. Just the presentation alone with all of the different pavilions and knowledge of each of the Nissan Leaf reps was outstanding. Excellent job by Nissan at explaining the technology. The whole process was fun and who could argue with free snacks in the hospitality tent :)