I’ve been keeping my eye on the parking garage at work to see if there are any prime spots near an outlet and lucky for me there are about 3. After my experience with my first EVSE going bad I really hope it just works. I tested the outlets with the tester I already bought when we switched the wall plug out in the garage and they checked out ok.

I can’t find any good way to use the EVSE at work without an extension cord and while I know the manual suggests against it I figure a good high quality cable will be fine. I’ve read a bunch of posts from other owners who have been using 50 and 100 foot runs with no real issues.

I settled on the Coleman Cable 02587 12/3 Vinyl Outdoor Extension Cord with Lighted End, 25-Foot at Amazon.com. It arrived today and seems to be pretty high quality. I’ve always used cheap 16 gauge cords around the house so the density of the cable was a surprise. I’ll try it out on Tuesday when I get back to work.