Well… I seem to have run into a new issue. I normally do a delayed charge on the car so it is ready for my 9 AM commute the next day. For the past 5 months this has pretty much worked without flaw. Occasionally I will do a force override for an immediate charge which also has worked fine.

Yesterday when I got home and popped the charge port from inside the car I was greeted with the popup screen that says hey here are your options but this time there was only one option “Charge Immediately”. I didn’t really think much about it but today the same issue. So I figured my settings just got messed up and went back to the Charge settings under the “leaf” button and the “Change Charge Mode” button was disabled and the car won’t let it be selected. I checked the manual and found this note.

Section 5-40
Programmable Charging Disabled

When the Programmable Charging
system is disabled, the Default
Charge Mode Status screen and
the pop-up will display “- -:- -”
for the Charge Complete Time.

The Programmable Charging
system will be disabled if the
Charge Complete Time cannot
be confidently estimated. If the
Programmable Charging system
is consistently disabled, see your
dealer for details.

Come to think of it, I seem to be having problems connecting with the car through myvolt.com and from the volt app… and I haven’t gotten OnStar report for June yet. Wonder if all of this is connected. Guess I will be calling the Volt Advisers tomorrow. Oh how I have missed talking to you VA!