5 months with no posts makes me a very bad bad blogger. so I’ll make up for it in one large dump. I’ve back dated all of the OnStar verhicle reports just to keep them in chronological order.

So what has happened in these oh so long time between posts?

  1. Broken passenger side mirror (My Fault)
  2. Fixed passenger side mirror ($$$)
  3. SPX Voltec charger #2 went dead. (I am batting 1000% with these)
  4. Software upgrade. (Volt advisers would not leave me alone about this)
  5. While the car was at the dealership for items 3 and 4 they managed to put a gouge in my bumper. (Not My Fault)
  6. 3 more trips to the dealership to fix the issue. (They were accommodating but a very frustrating situation)

So out of all of that…

1 new side mirror, 1 new Voltec charger and 1 painted bumper. The dealership still needs to take care of a minor issue with the repair work but it can wait till the next time I bring the car in for service. I am really tired of seeing that place.