Headed out to the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show on Sunday to see the Chevy Volt, Nissan Juke and new Focus. Auto shows are always fun and Groupon had half price tickets. Where else could I ever sit in a $200,000 Mercedes SL 65 AMG and nobody bats an eye.

Let’s go directly to Chevrolet since that is the real reason I went to the show this year. They had 2 Volts on display for consumers to kick the tires on. One I believe was Silver, the other was Diamond White. Both were fully functional with all the bells and whistles working.

This is the first time I have sat in the car and messed with the buttons and gizmos. The interior feels really good. The dash and door panels are not soft plastic like a premium sedan in this price range but it is definitely higher quality than similarly sized compact sedans. The UI in the instrument cluster and entertainment/info deck are very cool, lots of information is give at any one time and for the most part it seems like it is logically laid out. Occasionally the system felt a little sluggish when navigating around the menus, not because there was a problem with the system but rather I think it is the perception of speed. These days personal electronics have become so quick to respond to actions that it changes how you want to interact with your devices. Blame smart phones and the new tablets (I’m looking at you iPad).

Overall I was really impressed with the car. I can see how Motor Trend named it car of the year for 2011 and the Green Car Journal Green Car of the Year. My obsession for this car continues to grow :)

Let me also talk about how much I like the Chevy Cruze. It might be because I am so enamored by the Volt and the styling is is very similar. They are after all built on the same platform. I am thrilled that GM has really taken to heart the need for change and seems to be responding in full force.

Second on my list of to see was the 2012 Ford Focus. I really like what Ford is doing here, it has been far too long since the whole Ford lineup had styling in line with what the consumer wants but it is starting to come around. Between the 2011 Fiesta, 2012 Focus and 2011 Explorer, Ford is really putting out good looking cars that anyone should be interested in.  I can’t wait to see what they start offering in the electric and alternative fuel spaces.

You may recall that I went to the OC Auto Show to take the Leaf for a spin during the electric drive event. My other goal was to check out the not yet released Nissan Juke. Sadly there was only a non accessible prototype on the floor so it had to wait for another day. The Juke is now out in the market but rather than hit up a dealership I decided to wait for the LA Auto Show. Over to Nissan to finally check out the Juke!

The Leaf was prominently displayed on a platform but was not accessible by the public. Near the back was a Juke on another platform. I walked around the floor looking for a display model but I didn’t one. Back to the display platform and I asked the show rep if they had a Juke on display someplace. Much to my surprise she said no.  Enthusiastically she said they are in dealerships now so you can check them out there! I must give another big MEEEEEEHHHHH to Nissan. Why would you not have the Juke on display at the show unless you have zero confidence that the car is so niche’ that it isn’t worth showing to the public.

At least it wasn’t a total waste Murano Cabriolet was on display and looked great. I like the styling of the regular Murano so to see it in a convertible was a surprise.

Stopped by Audi and checked out the R8 Spyder. Such a beautiful car. In our parking lot at work someone from one of the other companies in our complex has one and I can’t help but to gawk at it every time I walk by. Literally it is just impossible to not look at the thing and be wowed.

At Toyota, I took a look at the plug in Prius. Not much new to note, I am sure there is a market for the features that car provides but I don’t think it is me. The new RAV 4 Electric concept however looked great. Wonder how the Tesla partnership will works out in the end on this one. Hope it works out because there really isn’t much in the Toyota lineup that ever made me want to buy.

Hyundai has never even been a car company that comes to mind for me. I have never considered one of the cars or even followed any developments from the lineup but that has changed. Between the Genesis, Elantra and Sonata / Hybrid Sonata these cars are looking good.

Hit up Coda to see what the Santa Monica based car company had to offer. The rep explained the very interesting model they are going with. They have no dealerships. You go into someplace like a mall where they will have kiosks setup. A salesperson takes you on a test drive and if you want to buy the car you order it at the kiosk and it gets delivered at a later date. There are no options for the car other than color (and leather for those that want it). If only the car looked better, can’t say I am big on the exterior and at the show you couldn’t sit in it. Honestly with the delays that have plagued the launch of the car I would be impressed if they get them on the road.

I could write for days about the rest of the show but this post is long winded enough. Looking forward to next year Los Angeles!