On the way into work this morning I ran into a couple of what I think were software issues.

About 4 miles from work I started to get warm and decided to try and turn the fan on to get some air circulation. So I punch the “Fan Up” console stack button… nothing… give it a couple more jabs… nothing. Hmmmmm, tried the touch screen fan button… still nothing. It looks like it should work, nothing is “locked up”. Finally I hit the auto button on the center stack and that kicked climate into comfort mode. Hitting the center stack “auto” button again toggled comfort off and I was able to then set the system to fan only and use both the stack “Fan Up” and touch screen to adjust speed.

Pulled into my parking, dropped the car into park and turned off the car and was presented with the normal trip screen on the center LCD (I normally take a picture of this screen for the commute blog posts). Today I hit the back option while on this screen and the LCD was stuck with a blank box that had no information in it. I power cycled the car and toggled through the efficiency screens and things seems to be back to normal.